NightClan is currently excepting members to be trained as warriors! We will stop accepting members soon, so ask now!

How to Join Edit

You can join by telling me in the comments below, or if you personally know me, just ask!

Criteria Edit

Unfortunately, NightClan can not except all members. You must be a seventh grader at Challenger Middle School in Colorado Springs, Colorado. You must also have read at least the first book in the Warriors series (by Erin Hunter), or have time to let me or anyone else you know who has read the Warriors series explain the basics to you. It would also be very helpful if you could have a pelt color and pattern and eye color picked out. We are very lenient on eye and pelt color, but please make pelt color reasonable.

Thank you for considering to join, and I hope we will be welcoming you to NightClan very soon!

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