General Information Edit

Rank : Medicine Cat

Character : Devoted to healing her Clanmates, Rapidwish is the perfect medicine cat for a growing Clan like NightClan. After becoming a medicine cat seasons ago, she has gained much experience with sickness and injury. Trained by Crystalstar when she was a medicine cat, she has trained Blazepeak of DawnClan and is currently training Mysticpaw of NightClan.

Appearance : pure white she-cat with one bright green eye and one brown eye

Other Information Edit

Preceded By : Crystalstar

Succeeded By : No Successor

Mother : Cloudrise

Father : Rollingfeather

Sister : Swanfang

Mentor : Crystalstar

Apprentice(s) : Blazepeak (medicine cat, DawnClan), Maplehoney (warrior)

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