The allegiances are the members of the Clan. They go in order of rank (with the exception of elders and queens, who are equal with or higher than most warriors), with the top being the most prestigious, and the lowest being the least respected.


Crystalstar - white tabby Siamese she-cat with gray stripes, with an unusual one, and turquoise eyes


Duskfire - gray tabby tom with dark gray stripes and green eyes with orange streaks

Apprentice, Lilacpaw

Medicine Cat

Rapidwish - white she-cat with one green eye and one brown eye


Maplehoney - a dark brown she-cat with dark brown eyes


Lilacpaw - a black she-cat with one blue eye and one purple eye, warrior apprentice


All members too young!


None at the moment, though have several possible new members!


All members too young!

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